Biden to Sign “Tough” Order Limiting Border Invaders to 900,000 a Year

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After years in which millions of border invaders penetrated the country, with Biden’s active assistance, he’s now announcing a limit just in time for the election.

Here’s how the Democrat media is billing it.

Biden prepares a tough executive order that would shut down asylum after 2,500 migrants arrive a day – AP

2,500 per day amounts to over 900,000 a year.

That’s an improvement on the say on the quarter of a million invaders in December 2023, but at around 137,000 in March 2024 or 179,000 in April 2024, the “tough executive order” would never even kick in.

And that’s the point.

Also remember, the invasion has a tap and Biden and his leftist allies control it. Since some crossings, like those at the Rio Grande are coordinated by the border patrol with Mexico, it’s a simple matter to spread them out so they don’t fall …

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