Alex Jones Breaks Down on Live Show, Sobs as He Says Feds Are Closing In

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Far-right commentator Alex Jones claimed on Saturday that federal authorities are seeking to shut down InfoWars, his website and talk show, which have been accused of promoting conspiracy theories.

“I’ve been under attack. I’ve been gaslit,” Jones said, accusing federal authorities of filing “secret federal filings” that alleged that the talk show host was “committing crimes,” a clip of the broadcast shared by The Post Millenial showed. (Warning: The language is graphic.)

“You want…war, you got it,” the show host added, clenching his fists and letting out a stream of expletives while his face turned red. “I did not believe America was as corrupt as this.”

“This country is administratively got a bunch of scum in charge of it,” Jones added.

Jones is a defendant in multiple defamation lawsuits over his false claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax staged by the …

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