You Might Be Living In A Banana Republic If…

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So you woke up in a banana republic.

Welcome to the brave new world that is the Democrat Party’s Divided States of America. Where the people in power politically weaponize the institutions so dear to the preservation and promotion of representative democracy to hunt down and imprison their political enemies. Where kangaroo courts led by highly partisan judges host show trials to convict blind justice. Where Big Tech and corporate media oligarchs tell you what — and what not — to believe about the accusers and the accused.

Republic if you can keep it, Ben Franklin? What you and your fellow founders wrought has suddenly and sadly slipped into a banana republic.

But how can we be sure? The good Marxists at MSNBC inform us that Republicans have “responded to former President Donald Trump’s felony conviction with hysterics.” They insist that associating the term “banana republic” with …

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