Biden Campaign Says It Will Continue To Accept Dark Money, Despite Previous Condemnations

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President Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign said this week that the stakes for the upcoming election are “sky high” so it will again accept dark money donations despite previously condemning such donations.

Biden’s campaign made the statement to CBS News as it reported on a massive $64 million anonymous donation that was sent to his campaign in 2020. The donation was routed to his campaign coffers through the Impetus Fund, a 501c4 tax-exempt organization that says it is focused on “social welfare.”

This pledge to accept dark money comes after Biden previously said that dark money “erodes public trust” and that it “flows in the shadows to influence our elections.” However, like in 2020, Biden has again signaled he has no issue taken money that is routed to his campaign coffers without scrutiny.

“The stakes of this election are sky high,” a Biden adviser told CBS. “We will …

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