Biden’s TikTok Calling Trump Racist Backfires Immediately, People Highlight the Real Campaign Issue

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If you go back to the same rhetorical well over and over again, you’ll end up with less and less water each time. Someone apparently hasn’t told Democrats about this bedrock political reality.

For instance, take the claim that Donald Trump is an arrant racist. Please. This was suffering from diminishing returns on Sept. 9, 2016, when then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton coined the infamous phrase “basket of deplorables” during a campaign speech.

You’d think that, after what happened there, Democrats would have learned a lesson. But, if they learned lessons, they wouldn’t be Democrats — which is why President Joe Biden’s campaign, almost eight years since “basket of deplorables” had its debut, is still trying to make “Trump be racist” happen, in spite of all available evidence that it’s not going to happen.

The latest attempt came via a video released Monday by the official …

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