Christian Conservatives Proven Right Once Again As Abstinence ‘Trend’ Gains Popularity

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Here’s a side of the Clinton administration you probably don’t remember. Just a few months into Bill Clinton’s second term, the federal government announced a major initiative to fund abstinence-only sex education.

As the L.A. Times reported back in March of 1997, Clinton’s administration allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to programs teaching that sex before marriage is, “likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects.” The Clinton-funded programs also taught that abstinence from premarital sex is, “the expected standard” of human behavior. That’s worth repeating: The Clinton administration said that abstaining from sex before marriage is the “expected standard” of human behavior.

That may sound surprising now, for obvious reasons. This was not exactly an administration that led by example on this front, or any other front. But at the time, especially in that pre-Lewinsky period, it wasn’t a particularly shocking move. From …

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