Debate Moderator Jake Tapper’s History of Covering Up Biden Family Corruption and Scandal

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President Joe Biden tapes an interview with Jake Tapper of “The Lead with Jake Tapper” in 2022.

When Joe Biden takes the debate stage against Donald Trump this week, he will have a particularly friendly face sitting across from him – CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

Back in 2020, Tapper played a crucial role in the collusion between the media and Biden campaign to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the election as he followed the direction of CNN executives to ignore the scandal – and even called it “too disgusting” to repeat on air. Then, after the election, Tapper played another key role in helping tamp down any further investigation into the Biden foreign influence-peddling effort that had enriched the vice president’s family by tens of millions of dollars.

This occurred when the Biden transition team surprised, indeed shocked, political observers by scheduling an interview with …

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