Seattle Mandates $4.99 Fee On Uber Eats ‘To Help Drivers’, Deliveries Crash 45%

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Drivers are not helped by wage mandates is Seattle and New York. And customers complain higher prices and cold food.

It’s a perfect trifecta of complaints.

Neither drivers nor customers are happy with misguided politicians attempting to help driver get better pay.

It’s losses all around as Delivery Drivers Got Higher Wages. Now They’re Getting Fewer Orders.

The delivery companies—whose businesses are built on gig workers they don’t employ full- time—say they can only afford to pay so many workers under the two cities’ latest pay standards. The cities want the companies to pay couriers a minimum hourly wage based on the time they spend delivering orders and reward the most efficient workers. New York City now requires that the companies pay couriers at least $19.56 per hour before tips, up from an average of $5.39 …

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