Trump Warns Leftist PAC To Take Down ‘Election Interference’ Ad

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Former President Donald Trump’s campaign is firing back at a left-wing political action committee, demanding Pennsylvania Values take off the air its misleading ad urging Trump voters not to participate in mail-in voting.

On Tuesday, the campaign sent a cease-and-desist letter to the super PAC and said it plans to seek a criminal investigation into the group and the digital ad.

“We are aware of your advertisement falsely claiming that President Trump has asked Pennsylvania voters not to vote by mail. This advertisement may constitute both a criminal and civil conspiracy to injure the rights of President Trump’s supporters to cast their ballots in Pennsylvania,” the GOP presidential candidate’s campaign warned in the letter to Maria L. Galdo, Pennsylvania Values’ listed treasurer. “Cease and desist broadcasting, or otherwise distributing via the internet or elsewhere, this false advertisement immediately and preserve all relevant documents in anticipation of likely litigation.”


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