Democrats Go Into Full Blown Panic After Biden Debate Performance: ‘Swap Joe Out’

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Democrats and left-wing journalists entered full-blown panic mode following the first presidential debate in the 2024 rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The debate was defined by Biden delivering raspy, mumbling answers, while hurling personal insults and false claims at the former president.

Trump, who is known for usually being hyper and combative, appeared to benefit significantly from CNN’s debate format in which there was no audience for him to feed off of and microphones were turned off, which stopped him from interrupting Biden.

Biden was forced to stumble around his own mind in a quiet, empty room as he searched for answers. Trump largely was able to stand there and smile and Biden wilted numerous times under pressure.

Former Left-wing CNN blogger Chris Cillizza posted: “Look. This debate was a total and complete disaster for …

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