Why Did the FBI Turn Off Cameras During Trump Raid?

Article originally appeared on www.frontpagemag.com.

One of the stranger things about the Mar-a-Lago raid was the discussion about whether the surveillance cameras should be on or off.

Eric Trump had previously said that the FBI asked them to turn off surveillance cameras during the raid. And that they refused and the cameras had caught agents entering restricted parts of the estate.

Jack Smith admitted in a recent filing that the cameras were turned off at “out of concern for agent safety” before they were then turned on again by the request of the Trump attorneys.

But what exactly was the nature of the threat to the agents from the cameras being on? Were the Feds worried about getting into a shootout with Trump security? Unlikely.

The only alternative is that they were afraid of being identified. But the names and identities of FBI personnel are not supposed to be a state …

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