CNN Host Presses Nancy Pelosi On New Poll Showing 72% Of Americans Worried About Biden’s Mental Fitness

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CNN host Dana Bash pressed Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi Sunday over a new CBS/YouGov poll showing 72% of Americans are worried about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness following the first presidential debate.

Pelosi appeared on “State of the Union” to discuss the backlash Biden has received since debating former President Donald Trump Thursday evening. Bash began her interview with Pelosi by asking the former House Speaker her thoughts on the new poll, as many Democrats and outlets are now calling for Biden to step aside. (RELATED: ‘Very Unrealistic’: Replacing Biden Will Likely Land Dems In A Political And Legal Quagmire)

“Well what do they think about the other guy? Do they think that he has the integrity to be president after that performance? Let us not make a judgment about a presidency on one debate. Let‘s talk about what it means to people …

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