DAILY WIRE POLL: Voters Reject Biden’s Move To Require Parents to Embrace LGBTQ Ideology to Adopt Foster Children

Article originally appeared on www.dailywire.com.

An overwhelming majority of voters disagree with new Biden administration regulations that require parents to pass an LGBTQ litmus test to adopt foster children, according to an exclusive Daily Wire poll.

Nearly twice as many voters reject banning religious families who oppose transgender ideology from taking in foster children, according to the survey of 1000 registered voters, conducted this week by RMG Research. Only 29 percent say faith-based families who refuse to affirm a child’s gender dysphoria should be banned from adopting, while the rest of the respondents weren’t sure.

On April 30, Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services enacted the “Safe and Appropriate Foster Care Placement Requirements,” which require child welfare agencies to place foster children only with families who have committed to “establishing an environment that supports the child’s LGBTQI+ status or identity.” Under the new rules, foster care providers must …

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