Democracy is Ugly, But . . .

Now that the GOP’s Speakership fracas is behind us, a few thoughts. Yes, with a frightfully narrow majority margin, a handful of hardliners secured what they call concessions, but at what cost? This was not necessary …

A “Futbol” Legend Passes Away


AMAC Exclusive – By Barry Casselman

American football fans are sometimes puzzled when they read stories from England about “football” or from other parts of the world about “futbol” — and realize that the sport referred to is not the game played by the Green Bay Packers. In fact, it is what Americans call soccer.

U.S. sports fans divide their interests among many professional sports, including baseball, football, basketball, tennis, and hockey, but the rest of the world favors some other sports, especially soccer, which I believe is the most popular global sport.

The ultimate professional soccer championship is the World Cup, which occurs every four years and was just held this year in Qatar. The tournament was watched on TV or listened to on the radio by billions of people.

Soccer originated in England and was called football, and was occasionally nicknamed soccer. Eventually, the British stopped …

You Can Be the Pebble


Sometimes, when you least expect it, things change markedly. Sometimes, the change is driven by one person, a pebble on the scale. Suddenly, the whole balance tips. Around us, scales are in equipoise, inertia seems in charge, little ever changing. Until … the pebble.

For those given to doubt, quick with comebacks, sure that inertia – in physics and human relations – carries the day, my preemption, recommendation without hesitation: Think harder.

You are at a town meeting, school performance, sports event, or ballet, witness a courageous remark, poignant recital, solo instrument, great move – and you clap. Suddenly everyone claps. You were the pebble.

Less common, more difficult, you break further from the crowd. Seeing something spectacular –a great speech, well-acted play, moving concert, great shot, win hard fought, and you speak up, maybe stand up, give a standing clap. Suddenly …

‘Twitter Files’ Bombshell Revelations


Elon Musk’s release of the ‘Twitter Files’ reveal what many Americans already knew. In case you missed it, the leaked emails between Twitter’s top executives and the FBI corroborate that they worked together to silence bombshells like Hunter Biden’s laptop and to fuel COVID-19 hysteria. Rebecca Weber is joined once again by Robert Charles, who is uniquely qualified to discuss this matter as a former member of the Waco Hearings Oversight Committee. What do these revelations mean for our country? Should criminal charges be leveled against President Biden and Dr. Fauci? Join us as Bobby outlines the legality and oversight government officials should be taking to get the accountability Americans deserve.

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Beware: Another ‘Cataclysmic’ Border Surge Is in the Offing


WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 19 — The border crisis has reached cataclysmic proportions. Unless there is a way to resurrect or replace the Trump era Title 42 protocols the invasion of illegal migrants will go well beyond anything we’ve seen thus far in President Biden’s come-one-come-all tenure.

Title 42 gave the Border Patrol the ability to instantly send some 2.4 million illegals packing over the past two years. It expires this week and, while efforts are under way to come up with an effective substitute as of Wednesday, December 21, it’s already resulting in increased surges of migrants at border towns such as El Paso, TX. City Manager Mario D’Agostino told CNN just a few days ago that some 2,500 have been crossing into El Paso every day; the town’s authorities are openly concerned that things will get worse once Title 42 is ended on Wednesday. If and when that happens, …