Dems Loudly Deny They Support Banning Gas Stoves… After Banning Gas Stoves

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Who are you going to believe, the media or your lying ears?

“A U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission official said his agency will begin a formal review process that could lead to new regulations.” “We need to be talking about regulating gas stoves, whether that’s drastically improving emissions or banning gas stoves entirely,” said Commissioner Richard Trumka. “And I think we ought to keep that possibility of a ban in mind, because it’s a powerful tool in our tool belt and it’s a real possibility here.”

The backlash to this was massive with Republicans eagerly seizing on the environmentalist proposal.

Democrats have banned gas stoves in multiple cities in California, as well as in New York City and Seattle. But faced with the backlash, Democrats and their media began shouting that this was all a conspiracy theory that some Republicans had made up.

Trumka, in keeping with Dem urban …

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