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Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on 46 agenda today:

12:45pm: The President and The First Lady depart St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands

News roundup:

Biden Spent Nearly 40% Of 2022 In Delaware, Camp David, Or On Vacation

McCarthy Concedes On Key Rule Change In Bid To Secure Votes For Speakership

Here are some of the major new laws that go into effect in 2023

House GOP targets federal “snoops”

Chief Justice John Roberts raises concerns about judges’ safety

Canada is banning some foreigners from buying property after home prices surged

How investigators homed in on the Idaho murder suspect

Inflation is killing the first dinner date

Suspect in NYC police stabbing may have Islamic extremist ties

Border crisis complicated by migrant PTSD: report

NIH gave millions to researchers accused of vax-development ‘scam’

North Korea’s Kim orders ‘exponential’ expansion of nuke arsenal

‘We better watch out’: NASA boss sounds alarm on Chinese moon ambitions

Once-favored Covid drugs ineffective on Omicron …

10 Steps to Save America

Most Americans know something has gone terribly wrong—and very abruptly—with the United States. They are certain that our wounds are almost all self-inflicted. The current pathologies are not a result of a natural disaster, an exhaustion of natural resources, plagues, or an existential war.

Crushing national debt and annual deficits, spiraling food and fuel costs amid “normal” seven-percent-plus annual inflation, bread-and-circuses entitlements, a nonexistent border, a resurgence of racial tribalism, pandemic violent criminality, and humiliation abroad—all these pathologies are easily cited as symptoms of a sick patient. Our crises are not as the Left maintains—a nine-person Supreme Court, the Electoral College, or the filibuster—all distractions from existential problems the Left largely created.

So, what are the therapies and prognoses for America?

In the spirit of constructive rather than blanket criticism, here is a partial, 10-point plan of national recovery.

Cut the Debt

Americans’ national …