FBI Says Violence Against Jews Is in Decline. Jews Aren’t Buying It.

The FBI’s latest annual report shows a decline in violence against Jews, findings that are at odds with Jewish watchdog groups who say anti-Semitic hate crimes have hit their highest levels in history during the past two years.

The FBI’s 2021 findings, released at the end of last year, have sparked accusations the federal law enforcement agency is deflating these statistics at a time when the American Jewish community is facing an unprecedented wave of anti-Semitism. At least one watchdog group is calling on Congress to investigate how and why the FBI underreported anti-Jewish hate crimes.

“At a time of record anti-Semitic hate crimes, it is appalling that the FBI’s data-gathering has been so badly botched,” said Kenneth L. Marcus, chairman of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, a watchdog group that combats Jew hatred. “This massive failure has undermined the purposes of hate …

2022 Men of the Year: The Troops

While the Biden administration has worked to demoralize America’s fighting force with draconian COVID vaccine mandates, the Washington Free Beacon continues to celebrate our brave men and women fighting on the front lines—and against the Democratic administration’s efforts to decimate the force.

Since the Biden administration implemented mandatory vaccine shots for all soldiers, an already strained fighting force has seen its numbers dwindle: Some 3,717 Marines, 1,816 soldiers, and 2,064 sailors have been discharged for refusing the vaccine. As if being vaccinated against a flu-like virus is necessary to fight in our important forever wars against enemies of freedom across the globe.

The administration was recently forced by Congress to drop its mandate, but no process was created for those who were lost from the force to be reinstated. And the White House still stands by its assault on the troops. …

Man of All the Years: Hunter Biden

Readers of this fine publication are well-versed in the fantastical misadventures of America’s First Son, Hunter Biden.

Hunter was 2019’s Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year and probably should have been for all subsequent years. And as much as he’s earned this year’s award, we just can’t bring ourselves to cheapen the prize by awarding him another trophy to toss in the back of his closet, next to the double-headed dildos and anal beads.

If we give him the title again, we’ll have to do it again in 2023, 2024, and beyond.

Because we know in our hearts that Hunter Biden will never stop being awesome.

He is the apex degenerate. Pure animal.

No one is ever going to consistently bring the goods to the highly secretive Man of the Year selection committee at the pace Hunter Biden does, year after year.

So we give up. No more deliberations, Hunter Biden is now and …

Biden Crime family bribes paying off for Red China

President Joe Biden is set to pull a number of Chinese companies from a red-flag trade list, a move that comes as the Democrat and other administration officials stress the need for cooperation with the communist nation on climate change.

Biden’s Commerce Department plans to remove an undisclosed number of Chinese entities from its so-called unverified list, which includes foreign companies that the United States cannot tour in person “to determine whether they can be trusted to receive sensitive technology exports,” Reuters reported Wednesday. American officials must receive approval from China’s commerce ministry to inspect any Chinese company—approval that Beijing has been unwilling to grant in the past. Once the decision is finalized, U.S. exporters “will no longer have to conduct additional due diligence before sending goods” to the Chinese companies removed from the list, according to Reuters.

Both Biden and his climate czar, …